Planning and Budgets

Brand audit by Halo Media UK and South Africa

What is a brand audit?

What is a brand audit and how will it benefit your company and brand? Speak to Halo Media to find out how we can brand audit your company.

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How to understand images licensing

Whilst a picture says a thousand words, not ensuring you are licensed correctly can cost you a thousand dollars! This…

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How to control your marketing budget

How to keep your marketing budget under control

How to keep your marketing budget under control 2020 came and turned our lives upside down. Not just our personal…

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Benefits of being on a retainer

Why should you consider agreeing to a retainer contract? One of our core values at Halo Media and what makes…

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How to plan your video budget

How to plan your video budget The world is rapidly moving in favour of video as a form of communication…

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Planning your website design

Planning your website design – how to get started

Planning your website design – a guide to understanding the process. Good website design and development starts off with a…

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How to prepare for an exhibition

Are you prepared for this year’s Exhibition? Our advice for the perfect Exhibition experience! A fantastic way of putting yourself…

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Graphic design agency challenges in Africa: Working with multiple languages

As a graphic design studio in Africa, our work is varied and interesting. One of our challenges is to cover…

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7 ways to avoid scope creep and hidden design costs

7 ways to avoid scope creep and hidden design costs We all know what budgets are like and how hard…

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How to write a design brief

What is a Design Brief? Why is a design brief of such great importance? Can’t the designer just work out…

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How to plan your brand – 7 top tips

The preppers guide to your brand survival… 7 tips to for planning your brand! During the failed apocalypse* of 21 December,…

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