Women in Mining: Breaking the barriers

Women in Mining: The barriers that barred women from the mining industry Authored by Halo Media Published by Mining Review…

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Copyright versus Copywrite

Copyright versus Copywrite – Know your rights Whether you are looking to create a corporate brochure or redesign your website from…

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Welcome to the Exponential Age: The New Industrial Revolution

This is a share of an article found on We find it a particularly fascinating article as the technology ties…

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Communication – The Digital Evolution

Times have changed. Fast. Since yesterday even. The digital communication revolution rivals the industrial revolution in terms of advancement –…

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Colour and Culture: Designing for the Global Market

Halo Media is a South African based design agency who work with numerous international companies. One of the challenges that…

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Are professional graphic designers worth the investment?

Why you should invest in a professional graphic designer. Would you hire a professional to repair your plumbing? Would you…

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