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5 Steps to Find the Right Financial Services Branding Agency in the UK

Finding the right financial services branding agency in the UK to help your business grow is overwhelming. Not only are…

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Women in Mining: Breaking the barriers

Women in Mining: The barriers that barred women from the mining industry Authored by Halo Media Published by Mining Review…

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Copyright versus Copywrite

Copyright versus Copywrite – Know your rights Whether you are looking to create a corporate brochure or redesign your website from…

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Welcome to the Exponential Age: The New Industrial Revolution

This is a share of an article found on We find it a particularly fascinating article as the technology ties…

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Communication – The Digital Evolution

Times have changed. Fast. Since yesterday even. The digital communication revolution rivals the industrial revolution in terms of advancement –…

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Colour and Culture: Designing for the Global Market

Halo Media is a South African based design agency who work with numerous international companies. One of the challenges that…

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Are professional graphic designers worth the investment?

Why you should invest in a professional graphic designer. Would you hire a professional to repair your plumbing? Would you…

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