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How to proof check your content and grammar

How to proof check your content

In a world where content is king, it’s vital to ensure it’s correct and has no errors. Here is a handy checklist on how to proof-check your content.

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Halo Media Group Supplying content to your creative agency

How to supply content to your marketing agency

How to supply content to our design agency We require all content in digital format unless agreed otherwise. TEXT:  …

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How to understand images licensing

Whilst a picture says a thousand words, not ensuring you are licensed correctly can cost you a thousand dollars! This…

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Halo Media UK & South Africa – How we work

How to work with a brand and advertising agency

How our brand agency works A well-planned project allows for good creative, less errors and a successful implementation. The basic…

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8 steps to your best logo design

8 steps for your best logo design

8 steps for your best logo design As you may know, having a good logo is an immeasurable requirement for your…

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Tips for taking better photos

How to take better photos – our top 5 tips

Our top tips for taking better photos The Top 5 Tips Halo Photographers Guide Your website is often the first…

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Planning your website design

Planning your website design – how to get started

Planning your website design – a guide to understanding the process. Good website design and development starts off with a…

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How to prepare for an exhibition

Are you prepared for this year’s Exhibition? Our advice for the perfect Exhibition experience! A fantastic way of putting yourself…

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7 ways to avoid scope creep and hidden design costs

7 ways to avoid scope creep and hidden design costs We all know what budgets are like and how hard…

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How to write a design brief

What is a Design Brief? Why is a design brief of such great importance? Can’t the designer just work out…

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How to plan your brand – 7 top tips

The preppers guide to your brand survival… 7 tips to for planning your brand! During the failed apocalypse* of 21 December,…

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