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Business blog tips article cover with graphic text

5 Business Blog Tips

How to start a successful business blog A business blog can be a powerful tool to enhance your company’s brand.…

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What is a digital asset management system - blog article cover showing a futuristic digital scene

Digital Asset Management (DAM): Streamlining Your Brand’s Success

Digital Asset Management Systems (DAM) In the fast-paced world of branding and marketing, efficiency is key. Digital Asset Management (DAM)…

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Brand audit checklist and questions

The ultimate Brand Audit checklist

The ultimate B2B brand audit checklist – 100 questions to ask of your brand, your employees and your customers. What…

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Sustainability communications agency blog cover showing graphic text

How Sustainability Communications and Brand drive change and build trust

What is Sustainability Communications? And why does your brand affect it? Well, the times are changing, and it’s happening fast.…

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Mining Marketing Communication tips cover image

5 Tips for successful Mining Communications and Marketing

As a specialist brand and communication design agency for the mining industry for over a decade, we’ve learned a great…

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Colour psychology in branding article header by UK branding agency Halo Media

Colour psychology in branding

Halo Media is a corporate brand agency working with international markets. One of the challenges that we face when dealing…

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What is a brand audit in graphic text for a blog by Halo Media

What is a brand audit?

What is a brand audit and how will it benefit your company and brand? Speak to Halo Media to find out how we can brand audit your company.

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Resourcing Tomorrow Mining event in London

Mining industry events 2023: Resourcing Tomorrow

Official partners of Resourcing Tomorrow | 2023 Halo Media are proud partners of Resourcing Tomorrow at the Business Design Centre…

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Pitch Deck for VC Venture Capitalist - a blog image for Halo Media

6 Tips for Writing the Perfect VC Pitch Deck

It’s daunting writing a VC Pitch Deck, right? Hopefully, we can help you write the perfect one! The Halo Media…

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Strategic Mining Communications blog article cover showing two men at a mining site

Strategic mining communications

Strategic mining communications matters. The efforts from the Comms team in your mining company are the glue that keeps the…

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Financial services marketing tips from creative agency, Halo Media. This is a blog cover with graphic text.

Financial Services Marketing: Foundations for growth

Financial services marketing – actionable tips for success In the fast-paced landscape of financial services, marketing plays a crucial role in…

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Internal communications and internal comms blog article heading showing a group of workers

8 Top Trends For Internal Communications In 2023

Top Trends for Internal Comms in 2023 Clear internal communication is crucial to the success of any organisation. Internal communication…

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UK Branding Agency Halo Media blog article cover

Know your copy rights from wrongs

Copyright versus Copywrite – Know your Rights! We’re a B2B corporate brand and communication design agency, so we help companies…

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Industry events 2023: Mines and Money Connect London

Mines and Money London | 2023 As a brand and communication agency for mining marketing and investment brands, we keep…

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Women in Mining blog article cover

Women in Mining: Breaking the barriers

Women in Mining: The barriers that barred women from the mining industry Authored by Halo Media  |  Originally published by in…

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marketing budget control blog header

10 Tips for managing your Marketing Budget in 2023

Controlling marketing budgets can be a challenge for businesses of all sizes. While marketing is essential for building brand awareness,…

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Exhibition planning blog header showing people waking into an event hall

Exhibition planning for marketers and brand managers

Exhibition planning for marketers and brand managers – before, during and after. A fantastic way of putting yourself in front…

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Gender diversity in the mining workplace blog article cover showing a woman in a hard hat

Gender diversity in the mining workplace through communication campaigns

(This original publication was a title article in African Mining Publication) Gender diversity in the workplace, especially in the mining…

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generic and overused logo designs

Generic, overused logos and how to avoid them

This article is based on a great piece by Giovanni Tondini and republished under the Creative Commons license. All images…

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Halo Media Review with Choose Halo #choosehalo team

Halo Media – Year in Review 2022

Wow, it’s year end already – this year was on time-warp speed! 2022 was a year of growth for us,…

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