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Halo Media Promotions Scam Alert

Halo Media Promotions Scam

We are aware of a scam from a company who have taken our company name and logo. Halo Media Promotions…

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Luxury Branding Agency The Halo Media Group UK

Tips for choosing your Luxury Branding Agency

if you’re looking for a luxury branding agency then it’s a good idea to understand first what luxury branding is,…

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Repurpose marketing content header image showing a marketing team typing at a laptop.

4 Top tips to repurpose marketing content and save time and money!

Why should you repurpose marketing content and materials? Creating quality marketing material and content is an essential part of any…

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Blog article cover for Account Based Marketing for B2B Brands showing a dart board

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for B2B Brands

You may have heard of a new(ish) term that has been floating around – ABM. Or, Account-Based Marketing. Even those…

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Mining brand audits with The Halo Media Group

Mining Brand Audits

Mining brand audits Mining brand audits allow your mining company to understand the perception of your brand with your key…

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Internal communications and internal comms blog article heading showing a group of workers

8 Top Trends For Internal Communications In 2024

Top Trends for Internal Comms in 2024 Clear internal communication is crucial to the success of any organisation. Internal communication…

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Brand Strategy vs Marketing Strategy Blog article header

Brand Strategy vs Marketing Strategy – understanding how they compliment each other

What is Brand Strategy vs Marketing strategy, and how do they work together? Brand and marketing, despite being closely aligned,…

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Brand identity design blog header with graphic text

What is brand identity design? Amp up your brand knowledge.

Brand identity design – think of this as the face and personality of your business. What is a brand? Some…

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Awareness Campaign Design Agency blog header

How to create Awareness Campaigns

As a specialist brand and communication design agency, one of our most in demand services are the creation of Awareness…

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Mining safety communications blog article header showing a woman in a mine holding her phone

Mining Safety Communications – 3 tips for a safer workplace

Why is safety so important in mining? Mining safety communication is all about protecting the lives off all those in…

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Business blog tips article cover with graphic text

5 Business Blog Tips

How to start a successful blog We’re living in the Information Age, where digital communication is your trump card. There…

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What is a digital asset management system - blog article cover showing a futuristic digital scene

Digital Asset Management (DAM): Streamlining Your Brand’s Success

Digital Asset Management Systems (DAM) In the fast-paced world of branding and marketing, efficiency is key. Digital Asset Management (DAM)…

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Brand audit checklist and questions

The definitive 100 question Brand Audit checklist for brand success

The ultimate B2B brand audit checklist – 100 questions to ask of your brand, your employees and your customers. What…

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Anele Gumbi from The Halo Media Group

Meet the team: Anele

Our meet-the-team series is for you to get to know our team members a bit more. Hey Anele, we’d like…

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Sustainability communications agency blog cover showing graphic text

How Sustainability Communications and Brand drive change and build trust

What is Sustainability Communications? And why does your brand affect it? Well, the times are changing, and it’s happening fast.…

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Mining Marketing Communication tips cover image

5 Tips for successful Mining Communications and Marketing

As a specialist brand and communication design agency for the mining industry for over a decade, we’ve learned a great…

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Shivani Poovalingam from The Halo Media Group

Meet the team: Shivani

Our meet-the-team series is for you to get to know our team members a bit more. Hey Shivani, we’d like…

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Colour psychology in branding article header by UK branding agency Halo Media

Colour psychology in branding

Halo Media is a corporate brand agency working with international markets. One of the challenges that we face when dealing…

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What is a brand audit in graphic text for a blog by Halo Media

What is a brand audit?

What is a brand audit and how will it benefit your company and brand? Speak to Halo Media to find out how we can brand audit your company.

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Gillian Crawshaw from The Halo Media Group

Meet the team: Gillian

Our meet-the-team series is for you to get to know our team members a bit more. Hey Gillian, we’d like…

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