Mining Marketing Communication tips cover image

5 Tips for successful Mining Communications and Marketing

As a specialist brand and communication design agency for the mining industry for over a decade, we’ve learned a great…

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Pitch Deck for VC Venture Capitalist - a blog image for Halo Media

6 Tips for Writing the Perfect VC Pitch Deck

It’s daunting writing a VC Pitch Deck, right? Hopefully, we can help you write the perfect one! The Halo Media…

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Strategic Mining Communications blog article cover showing two men at a mining site

Strategic mining communications

Strategic mining communications matters. The efforts from the Comms team in your mining company are the glue that keeps the…

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Financial services marketing tips from creative agency, Halo Media. This is a blog cover with graphic text.

Financial Services Marketing: Foundations for growth

Financial services marketing – actionable tips for success In the fast-paced landscape of financial services, marketing plays a crucial role in…

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Women in Mining blog article cover

Women in Mining: Breaking the barriers

Women in Mining: The barriers that barred women from the mining industry Authored by Halo Media  |  Originally published by in…

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How are your mining marcomms doing?

START THE SURVEY NOW Mining companies are essential to the global economy, as they extract and process minerals and resources…

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Gender diversity in the mining workplace blog article cover showing a woman in a hard hat

Gender diversity in the mining workplace through communication campaigns

(This original publication was a title article in African Mining Publication) Gender diversity in the workplace, especially in the mining…

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ESG Awareness for the Mining Industry - a Halo Media blog

ESG Awareness is Critical for External Affairs in Mining

ESG awareness is essential in the mining industry. This article is based on the assumption that your mining company has…

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Financial services branding agency in the UK - Halo Media blog post

How to find the Best Financial Design Agency in 2023

Finding the right financial services branding agency in the UK to help your business grow is overwhelming. Not only are…

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Women in Mining – Gender equality and diversity article graphic

Women in Mining – Gender equality in the mining industry

Women in Mining – why gender equality is important in the mining sector (This article was a cover story for…

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Investment Pitch Deck tips

Investment Pitch Deck Tips and Tricks – 2023 edition

What is an investment pitch deck? A pitch deck is a presentation that entrepreneurs use to present their companies to…

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Mining Communication Systems for Mining Marketing in Africa

Mining communication systems to save time and money

What if you could set up mining communications systems that save you time and money? Sidestep long procurement processes and…

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