We’re an intentionally small agency, with a long-standing core team. When you call, you’ll most likely speak to one of us:

Hayes Cunningham  |  Creative Director

With more than 23 years in the Graphic Design field, Hayes is passionate about Brand Development and Film/Video production. A perfectionist by nature, his strengths are understanding the psychology behind branding, and the art of visual storytelling. He is known for his honesty and unique approach to solving problems.


Special Skill:   Creative perfectionism
Speciality:   Video Production
Can be bribed with:   Pizza
TV Shows:  James Bond movies
Obsessed with:   Fishing & Guitar

Louise Cunningham  |  Brand Manager

Louise is really into brand cohesion – ie. getting it all to work together just right. Her 22 years of international experience in the graphic design and marketing industry have exposed her to learning from some of the top global businesses and to bring that knowledge to her clients. She’s passionate about marketing strategy and  presentation design.

Special Skill:   Multi-tasking
Speciality:   PowerPoint presentation design
Can be bribed with:  Chocolate
TV shows:  RHONY
Obsessed with:  Gardening & the pups

Deshnee Subrayen  |  Graphic Designer

Deshnee is a bit of a speed freak. Not on the road, but just watch her on a Mac! A solid all-rounder, she’s calm under pressure and has a wide range of technical experience in Visual Communication, UX and Web Design. She also excels in brochures and report design.

Special Skill:   Technical Versatility
Speciality:   Brochure design
Can be bribed with:  Pasta
TV shows:  The Bachelor
Obsessed with:  Anything pink!

Dominique Balie  |  Graphic Designer

Dominique brings an international flavour to our office with a (somewhat compulsive) obsession with Italy and global design ideas!  A strong creative designer, she has strong research and data interpretation skills. Dominique’s thoughtfulness means she brings detail into strategic implementation plans.

Special Skill:  Research
Speciality:  Infographics
Can be bribed with:  Buffalo Mozzarella
TV shows:  Rome
Obsessed with:  Italy

Gill Crawshaw | Halo Media

Gill Crawshaw  |  Finance & Admin

Gill is like a charming sniper! Her keen financial mind helps us to streamline not only Halo Media, but also helps our clients businesses be more profitable. She’s not only a qualified AGA(SA) Accountant, on top of that she’s an Archer (yes really!) so she actually does reach targets!

Special Skill:  Seeing financial patterns
Speciality:   Accounting
Can be bribed with:  Greek food
TV shows:  Lie to me
Obsessed with:  Music & Languages

The pups  |  Chief Barketing Officers

The pups weren’t original team members, but through their insistence are now official team members (perseverance works!). They work as a team, both as office security and comic relief, but have been known to sleep on the job.

Special Skill:   Happiness factories
Speciality:   Pawject Management
Can be bribed with:   Colleagues lunches
TV Shows:  Snow dogs
Obsessed with:  Butt sniffing


We work with regular specialists which include:

  • Copywriters (technical and creative)
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Animators
  • Developers
  • Researchers
  • Scriptwriters
  • Camera assistants and gaffers
  • Sound engineers & Voiceover artists