We're specialists in marketing and brand for mines in Africa.
With over a decade experience in working with international mines, it makes sense to Choose Halo.

Mining marketing for mines in Africa

One size doesn’t fit all. That's why it's better to choose a partner who is experienced in working with investment companies and your unique challenges.

Choose Halo.

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Brand management
Corporate brand

With over 25 years experience, Halo offer brand strategy, design and maintenance to B2B companies in UK and South Africa.

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The Halo Media Group UK

What do these brands have in common? They all chose to work with Halo.

You could have a piece of this action too!

How does a little agency work such with awesome global brands?*
We think it’s because we believe in the best.

We believe in the best people, doing their best work, with the best companies.

We’re The Halo Media Group. A niche brand and communication agency working with blue-chip and corporate companies.

If you value a carefully picked and experienced team, a higher-than-average commitment to quality, and a belief in personal service as a differentiator, then we should talk.

*Oh, and we don’t only work with big brands. We work with smaller ones who we help brand successfully too!

A selection of our work

  • All
  • Mining industry
  • Private Investment
  • Financial Services
  • Other
Facilities Management Marketing and Design in Africa and UK

Facilities Management Marketing and Design

Private Investment Marketing and Design in UK, South Africa

Marketing and Design for a Private Investment Company

Luxury Spa Marketing and brand design

Luxury Spa Marketing and Brand Design

Employer Branding design and marketing

Employer Branding Design & Marketing

Powerpoint presentation design company London and South Africa

PowerPoint Presentations

Financial services design and marketing for Absa in UK and South Africa

Financial Services Design

Property Development Logo design in South Africa and England

Property Development Marketing

Video production company in africa

Video Production

Mining Marketing & Design in Africa

Mining Marketing and Design

Mining Marketing for South32

Mining Marketing and Design

Nice things clients said to us that we shared with our parents

(and they told everybody, even random people at shops)

We choose to work with companies we admire, and work well with. Their words of support have mean so much to us! Read more here.

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The Halo Media Group UK and South Africa

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No Pitch/No Spec

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Investment Pitch Deck tips

Investment Pitch Deck Tips and Tricks

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