4 reasons why email is a winning communication channel

Communicating via email with Durban Marketing and Design Company Halo Media

Ever wondered what is the best communication method with your marketing and design partner? We choose email!

Here are our top 4 reasons to choose email.

We understand that other methods are preferred by other companies, however, we feel that communicating via email is a better option over Whatsapp; Skype and unscheduled phone-calls.

We’d like to share why and we welcome dialogue on this!


Email to Halo Media Marketing commpany in Durban

When clients communicate with us via email, we’re able to match their requests against our action list. This brings in accountability. It means that we’re responsible to do what you’ve requested as we have it in writing. This also means that our team are able to cross-reference what you have requested when we are doing our checking. Whilst we can’t promise we won’t make absolutely any errors, this form of accountability is crucial for us trying out best to avoid them.


Not everyone uses Whatsapp; Slack; Skype; Zoom etc. Email is a cross-platform option which all businesses use, regardless of their other communication channels.


It’s likely you will deal with one core team member, or maybe two. However, we generally have more than two team members working on a project. There is usually a senior team member doing marketing strategy; a graphic designer doing creative; another creative checking content and a Creative Director overseeing the quality. If you communicate via email with us, we’re able to easily share your instructions and wishes with our team.


We’re an organised team. We keep your emails filed and use them to cross-reference when we’re helping you with your marketing strategy. So when we’re planning your design and marketing activity for the year ahead, we go back to look at repeated activities – such as trade shows; annual conferences; awards etc.

Communicating via email is the preferred method of project communication for our Durban-based marketing and design company, Halo Media. We love, however, brainstorming, discussing and drinking coffee with you when we help to grow your business brand. So get in touch today to discuss how we can work together to build you a stronger brand!

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