Keeping your content marketing fresh is tough! Its a challenge to keep your blog and newsletters fresh and relevant. Here’s 3 quick tips to help you out (you’re welcome!)

It’s a little-known fact that Google loves fresh and relevant content. As the leading search engine, their job is to give the best answers to user’s questions. One of their criteria is relevant and fresh content. This can be found in all areas of your online presence – website, social media and other online interactions.

Here are three quick tips to creating your content strategy and keeping your content up-to-date and relevant.


Google Alerts are a content change detection and notification service offered by Google. They are simple to implement – visit the Google Alert Site and enter in your search term, along with your email address. You can choose the frequency of updates, and if you want to discontinue

How will this help you? It will give you sources of fresh content which are pertinent to your subject matter. It will also keep you up-to-date with the latest on the subject, which helps you to become more expert.

Pro Note: You can also sign up to content sites as AllTop where you can curate your own content feed based on your interests. This site was developed by marketing and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki.


Ever wondered how social media pages (and some blogs) always release content? How do they find the time to do so? They use scheduling software such as HootSuite, Buffer, MeetEdgar and a host of other options. It’s best for you to look through them to see which one suits your style the most. In addition, most websites have scheduling capacity, so you can pre-write articles and schedule them to post at a later stage.

How will this help you? You (or one of your team) can spend some time planning out your content and schedule it for a later stage. This is particularly handy for those quiet days.

Pro Note: Make sure to be aware of current events and your schedule – you don’t want to have an upbeat post if there is a crisis happening in the media. A great way of monitoring this is to add your post schedules into your calendar. That way you can see what news you are sharing pertinent to that day.


What are HashTags used for? They are a method of tagging content to easily be found in searching. In popular culture people hashtag how they are feeling #IsItTheWeekendYet? But for content purposes you will want your hashtag to be: Relevant (if your business is selling floral air freshener you don’t want #Dirty – it isn’t synonymous with your brand) Unique – okay this is next to impossible, but you can find a suffix to help you on this one. With us, we couldn’t use #Halo as it is a highly popular videogame. Instead we created our own #ChooseHalo which also includes a call-to-action. Whilst we can’t enforce exclusivity, we can release sufficient content so that we dominate – check it out here! #ChooseHalo

How will this help you? You can use hashtags to search for relevant content and then to share it. These hashtags are cross-platform.

Pro Note: Combine your hashtag with a custom YouTube channel – YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world.

Keeping your content fresh is an essential element to keeping your brand relevant. Want to chat further about it? Let’s set up time for a coffee and discuss how we can work with you to build your brand further.