Halo Media Durban review

Halo Media – Year in Review 2017

Halo Media: The year in review

Wow it’s the end of 2017 already! It’s been an amazing year! We’ve developed new brands; launched websites; filmed at luxury hotels; designed thousands of presentation slides and discovered flavoured tequila!

Highlights from this year included:

Creative work:

  • Branding a dynamic real estate complex in Cape Town. The Castle Rock project required brand development; sales material; a website and social media setup and branding. Check out the case study here.
  • Presentation design for Google & WPP. This joint project was a treat, working with the teams in New York and London. International projects challenge and inspire us, and we were super chuffed to be invited to work with them (we can’t show the work due to confidentiality)
  • Continuing our growth and capabilities in the Mining industry with Rio Tinto and International Facilities Services.
  • Exciting graduate campaigns with Unilever and the new African talent portal, LevelUP. Our long term relationship with Unilever allows us to work with them creatively and strategically to take their Employer Brand through the continent.

Halo Media Review 2017: graphic design agency in Durban

In our creative studio:

  • We welcomed Angie to the team and she’s brought an awesome energy to our studio. Also, she’s a kick-ass photographer so our clients are benefitting from this!
  • Three of us got to travel a bit and took the Halo brand to London, Rome and Zanzibar.
  • We renovated and increased our office space – whilst the dust and noise was something else to contend with, the extra desk space means we can stretch out a bit more!
  • We were invited to Vega Design School as industry specialists for judging and final award nights.

A warm thank you to all for a superb 2017, we’re looking forward to 2018!!