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ESG Awareness for the Mining Industry - a Halo Media blog

ESG Awareness is Critical for External Affairs in Mining

ESG awareness is essential in the mining industry. This article is based on the assumption that your mining company has authentic, impactful and real ESG and community support programmes in...
Financial services branding agency in the UK - Halo Media blog post

5 Steps to Find the Right Financial Services Branding Agency in the UK

Finding the right financial services branding agency in the UK to help your business grow is overwhelming. Not only are there a heap of agencies to choose from, but your...
Women in Mining – Gender equality and diversity article graphic

Women in Mining – Gender equality in the mining industry

Women in Mining - why gender equality is important in the mining sector (This article was a cover story for African Mining Publication) There are almost equal numbers of men...
How to proof check your content and grammar

How to proof check your content

Spelling and Grammar are crucial for a professional brand. Here is a list to check against: Make sure that the body copy and headings of the document have been spell checked.Ensure that...
Mining Marketing Communication tips cover image

5 Tips for successful Mining Communications and Marketing

As a specialist brand and communication design agency for the mining industry for over a decade, we’ve learned a great deal about mining communications and marketing. Working with remote sites...
The Halo Media Group UK and South Africa

Halo Media year in review: 2021

We had a theme this year … "A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for". It's a quote by Albert Einstein and it was particularly...
Brand audit by Halo Media UK and South Africa

What is a brand audit?

What is a brand audit and why should you do one? A brand audit is a detailed analysis that shows how your brand is currently performing compared to its set...
Is Graphic Design important

Is graphic design important?

Is Graphic design important? Hell yeah. You probably don't even know how much so! To the world, graphic design is subliminal. They don't consciously notice it but that means it's...
Halo Media Group Supplying content to your creative agency

How to supply content to your marketing agency

How to supply content to our design agency We require all content in digital format unless agreed otherwise. TEXT:   We require text supplied in Microsoft Word or email. Should...